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Be A Guest On Our Show! 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join the fun on the set of Shake it Up with Karen & Regina Wednesday mornings at 10am.  

We shoot LIVE so you never know what may happen!

Our studio is conveniently located in Deer Park.


Shoot us an email and let us know how great you would be!

Whether your topic is STYLE, HEALTH, ATTITUDE, KINDNESS or ENTERTAINMENT or perhaps a little of everything, contact us today!  

Our audience is your audience!  Call us today to be featured up to 3x per show on all MadhouseTV programs!


MadhouseTV is the largest internet broadcasting company in the world!  We reach 72 countries and thousands and thousands of people every week, the majority of them right here in the NY area!  Contact us today and become a part of what we do!  

To be a guest on our show or if you would like more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact us below.



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